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Reaching Out to Friends

--by Mish, posted Nov 6, 2021
I did some catch-up with a longtime soul-sister who now lives in another state. We worked together back in the 1970s. I had introduced her to one of my co-worker friends a long time back & they wound up getting married 😊. This is one of those friendships where you pick up right where you left off, no matter how long it’s been.

Asked another friend how she’s been doing & then apologized for kinda being not attentive lately.

Sent some cheerful graphics to a neighbor/friend who shared she’s feeling under the weather & was going for a covid test. She’s a teacher & at risk. πŸ™

Graphic Quote:   “Quiet Now…..Allow the pieces of life to settle in their own way & time…..even a shaken world can be transformed to a wonderful mosaic ~ with time ~

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michelelpurce wrote: i love your graphic and of course the friendly things you did! so important to stay in touch and ;be focused. :) you always brighten so many peoples lives. :)
Balou wrote: Love those friends so much, where you just pick up where you left a while ago ... thanks for reaching out and continuing to shine for others through all your challenges
dance wrote: kind, kind, kind :-) I love those types of friendships
pluto178 wrote: We all need a shake up from time to time……….you can’t beat those friends that pick up where they left off especially when living the monastic life lol x
mindyjourney wrote: You do a lot right from the comfort of your hOMe to encourage and help others. Thank you :)
Margazhi wrote: I didn't see this post until now. The double-fire keeps shining from afar ... πŸ˜‡
gardengal10 wrote: Your kind presence was a shining light

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