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A Little Welcome Back

--by mindyjourney, posted Oct 31, 2021
Put together a little "welcome back to the route" treat for our mailman Greg, who had been working limited hours for the past few months. Of course, his back to work coincided with our early winter snow! We so appreciate our everyday workers and their supportive roles. Each is important and needed ❤️.

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Christine88 wrote: That is so wonderful.
butterkind wrote: Very sweet indeed! Your mail man is lucky :)
dance wrote: sweet
kmbhai wrote: wonderful dear friend.. That's a great idea..
pluto178 wrote: Sweets and sweet lol x
michelelpurce wrote: how wonderful and i was going to say i hope the ghost didn't scare him but i am sure he is used to different things in your mail box. :)
gardengal10 wrote: What a cute surprise!
Mish wrote: ⛄️ That was some welcome back gift for him from Mother Nature!
greenurlifenow wrote: You are so sweet, mindyjourney. 👏
Helenconnell2 wrote: Lovely idea!

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