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Future Perfect Time 🎃 ...

--by mindyjourney, posted Nov 8, 2021
The snow and temperatures cleared long enough for the local fall festival to get the go-ahead. We donned our muck boots and slogged our way through the muddy, snowy faux pumpkin patch.

Recharged with warm sunshine, we enjoyed children expending energy in the bouncy houses and winding their way through the straw maze. There were pups on leashes, musical talent, fragrant foods, and even a pie-eating contest.

The children’s tent was busy with cotton candy and popcorn booth, tie-dye tables, bread bracelet creation station, and the VERY popular face painting.

The teen artist who finally painted my great-niece’s face - she chose a butterfly design, was so very careful and patient, asking what colors she wanted and gently brushing her hair aside.

Impressed with the artist's sensitivity and good nature despite the never-ending flow of children wanting decoration, the noise, and constant activity, I reached into my RAK purse and found a Peace Dove to give her.

I noticed the blooming origami heart that I had made from a $20 and had stashed in there for some perfect future time.

And so it was - the perfect future time!

The artist thanked me, smiled, and gave the blooming heart to her friend sitting beside her for safekeeping. Their surprised expressions made my heart bloom too!!!

I need to make another one and be ready. You just never know when a perfect future opportunity will present itself!
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🌹 wrote: We just never know. Cheers! To world peace and human kindness!
SissyLee wrote: What a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing.
Margazhi wrote: Love the simple ways we connect so beautifully ... You're a great story telling with all these pics dear. I always look forward to reading them and knowing what kindness crime you were upto for the day 😜
kmbhai wrote: sharing is good ..
dance wrote: How wonderful and fun, thank you for your generosity
Balou wrote: So great pictures, and such a wonderful description, makes me feel as if I'd been there s well. Wonderful opportunity to give away a blooming 20$heart
michelelpurce wrote: how wonderful! :) and of course you just "happened" to have the perfect thing to give to her. :) and it looks like a great time was had by all. :)
Mish wrote: Pie-eating contest? Thats for me! 🤣 🥧
gardengal10 wrote: Pumpkins sitting on snow! Have to smile on that one.
pluto178 wrote: WOW sounds amazing x

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