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Helping Someone Who Helps Others

--by heartofflesh, posted Nov 11, 2021
To try to offer support, I helped apply for an Aadhaar card for a school teacher who was about to have surgery. The Aadhaar card is kind of like Social Security in the USA.

The day before her operation we were able to take her pictures and personal details needed to claim the insurance for her surgery. Although she did not have many of the documents necessary for obtaining the card, we somehow managed to complete the form with the help of the school where she works as proof of identity and address.

I'm excited to share the happy news that she just received the approval information online. And my efforts to help her were not in vain. Thank goodness she got it.

Finally, things are falling in place for her, and the Gods are smiling.
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michelelpurce wrote: so wonderful of you to help and such wonderful news that she received it. Great act of kindness. :)
dance wrote: How kind to help her
Rajni wrote: You did a very good job. Aadhar card is very helpful in India. I also got my Aadhar card a few months ago. It is very helpful.
fairykats wrote: Thank you, Heart, for your hard work on this person's behalf.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank YOU for helping her obtain the card and for being such a support :)
butterkind wrote: Very thoughtful of you heartofflesh. :)
kmbhai wrote: Thank you so much for caring her ..
pluto178 wrote: This to me is what real kindness is about going the extra mile for someone else………I bet you felt good too so its always win win. I am glad she got what she needed with your help. Well done x
Mish wrote: This is so wonderful!! Bless you for helping her 🙏
Balou wrote: Your support to her is so amazing! Thank you so much! And I do hope she will feel better quickly.

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