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🎃 Pumpkin Bounty and Autumn Love ❤️

--by mindyjourney, posted Nov 19, 2021
Yesterday I left a little autumn surprise in our mailbox for mailman Greg to find. Today, I left a pumpkin for Tasha, our Saturday mail person to discover.

Both Greg and Tasha always respond with such sweet notes of thanks, and I have quite a collection from them saved on my fridge door.

Our community pumpkin patch had a plentiful crop of smallish pumpkins. I’ve gifted several of these to various folks as I feel the nudge to share some autumn love.

I’ve baked a few pumpkins and puréed and frozen the results for future use.

We always give whatever remains to the outdoor creatures who love the special treat.

The generous pumpkin bounty provides us with more seasonal kindness to share, and as a bonus — perhaps a future baked treat as well! 🥧
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Susy wrote: As a mom with 2. 5 jobs, kindsprings is a great platform to teach children.
gyrocloudy wrote: The more you give transforms gradually in the more you receive =)
lilacgrace wrote: You will be greatly blessed for all you do.
Christine88 wrote: That is sooooo cute
dance wrote: You've got the sweetest mailbox ever, always full of kindness and surprises :-)
petroskryf wrote: Perfect pumpkin kindness indeed!
dotmatrix wrote: So great. I loved growing pumpkins. ♥.
fairykats wrote: I adore baby pumpkins and gourds
Margazhi wrote: There is so much to give, isn't it? I wish to arrive where you're someday 😍🥰
pluto178 wrote: Can the pumpkin seeds be given to the birds and whild animals do we dry and eat them ourselves………….x

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