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Healing Nature

--by balou, posted Nov 25, 2021
On my way yesterday an acquaintance of mine was feeling a bit low as her day had been a bit challenging. But when we walked to the location of our concert we passed by trees with beautiful fall colours and the sun was shining.

When I pointed that out to her, her mood started to change quickly and she enjoyed the colours, clicked pictures, and was all smiles for the time being.

This is a good reminder that nature is always there to comfort us or shift our perspective. 

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Readers Comments

fairykats wrote: Good on you for looking for the positive!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for doing, dear balou 🍂
gardengal10 wrote: Nature can certainly put us in a new mood.
Margazhi wrote: You helped her return to here and now Con. Like I always say, 'you're a gift.'
pluto178 wrote: Those golden walks cannot be beaten x
Mish wrote: You helped change her focus. Well done 👍

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