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Locking My Keys in the Trunk While Doing Doordash

--by Christine88, posted Nov 23, 2021
I locked my keys in the trunk of the car yesterday at 3 pm while doing a Doordash. The customers' food got locked in there too. I had them cancel the order and reissue a new one. I don't have roadside assistance.

A friend helped me with her service. We waited for the driver to arrive (maybe 45 minutes). He arrived and set to work but couldn't get it open. A couple came by and the wife said she had the same thing happen. They came back out of the restaurant and offered to help but they couldn't get it either.

He called a friend to come over and help. He tried one more time and finally, he got it! We had been there for 31/2 hours.  

I was so grateful for everyone that helped me. My friend Sonia, the AAA tow truck driver, and the couple. There really are good people out there that still care and want to help others. God Bless them.

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Readers Comments

Mish wrote: Wow…sorry you had to go through that long wait, but you sure had no shortage of earth angels coming to help you.❤️😇
gardengal10 wrote: What a few hours of disaster and stress for you. How nice that so many people were there to offer help.
unknown wrote: Glad to see help pitch in throughout ... Lovely ...
dance wrote: Glad for the work and patience of all of them
pluto178 wrote: Its good when you get support at tough times. x
Rajni wrote: May be God wanted you to learn some important lessons with car key locked in. Be in the present moment and vigilant.
lt33 wrote: So great you had so many come to offer to help in your time of need 😀
fairykats wrote: It is SO frustrating when things like that happen. Thank goodness you had great people to help you :)
Balou wrote: Your kindness and generosity returning to you in such a difficult time! Glad you got so much help!
petroskryf wrote: Sorry to hear about the stressful time you had, but glad that it worked out eventually. Thank you for kind people around the globe!

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