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Compassion For Self And Others

--by balou, posted Nov 30, 2021
I had a long conversation yesterday with an acquaintance who is currently having a difficult time and whom I tried to support amongst others by pointing out her achievements so far, her (inner and outer) beauty, reminding her of situations where she had made a difference in so many others.

This morning I received a "Thank you" message which mentioned - "how come you are always so positive about everything and work on lifting others up?" 😳

The answer is easy: I am not! But helping others to see the good in themselves makes me focus on the positive interactions, the beauty of life and thereby helps me out of my own darker hours as well. (At least as long as the other person is not inherently negative 😉)

Accepting ourselves for what we are, helps us to be more compassionate with ourselves and with others, that we interact with.

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Christine88 wrote: Beautiful story
Christine88 wrote: Sweet. Now I want to roast a marshmellow.
lilacgrace wrote: So true, not always easy to do but it makes all the difference in the world.
petroskryf wrote: This is such a lovely way of looking at the challenges of life. I admire your point of view, because it’s definitely not easy to be positive all the time. Thank you.🌼🌸
Margazhi wrote: Snoopy on Con's post got me confused. It's your gift to see things for what they're and you have an extraordinary way of helping people turn around. You may not have a wand dear but you're a healer 💗💗💗
Margazhi wrote: Love ya sweetheart 😘❣️
Mish wrote: So agree, Balou….we are helped ourselves by trying to help others. You are one of the most positive of souls & I always feel uplifted by you. Blessed Be 🙏
pluto178 wrote: Even in what appears to be the worst of human natures we can find a tiny gap to break through and find out the reasons why?
mindyjourney wrote: By encouraging others to “see” we are blessed with a more positve-SEE too :))). Thank you for doing.
gardengal10 wrote: You are a a true friend.

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