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My Students Transition to In-Person School

--by lewski711, posted Dec 13, 2021
Many of my students struggled coming back to school this year. They were used to being at home on Zoom. I am their first male teacher and I have high expectations.

Many weren't happy at first, but then they realized that I cared about them. Many have started to tell me they will miss me over the weekend.

There are no tears in the morning at home now. Instead, I  get "Best Teacher" pictures and notes. Yesterday I got this one (I removed her name for the post) and had to share it.

This makes me happy!

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lindariebel wrote: Ah, to get children to enjoy school -- an art and a talent!
cabbage wrote: Thanks for sharing and kudos to you!
Rajni wrote: Innocent students of very young age empty their hearts when they want to say something, especially of their teachers. Mr. Lewinsky, you dearly deserve the love your students put on paper.
dance wrote: wonderful!
mindyjourney wrote: How nice to be appreciated! Thank you for guiding and teaching by example.
petroskryf wrote: A well-deserved high-five for you! 🦋
Helenconnell2 wrote: So lovely and well done on inspiring such a lovely note!
Mish wrote: 👏🏻
pluto178 wrote: Clearly your doing a great job well done x
Balou wrote: Huge compliment!!!! Obviously you make them feel valued and keep them interested .... thank you for being such a great teacher!

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