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The Circle Of Kindness 30 Years Later

--by petroskryf, posted Dec 5, 2021
During our short break in mid-October, my husband and I went back to the city where we were married 30 years ago. We visited the same church and sat there for a while, thinking back. Life hasn't been easy always (we lost our only child), but we hold on to each other. In the end, love is all that matters.

We also experienced the kindness of a handful of friends during our visit there. We had met these people years ago when we started working for the same newspaper.

In the circle of kindness, life is always much more bearable.
Thank you KindSpring, for teaching me that.

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Readers Comments

Christine88 wrote: That's beautiful you went there. Sorry for the loss of your only child.
heartofflesh wrote: Time heals...Still some old friends are there for you and they are like a treasure.
kmbhai wrote: memories are always a precious treasure. it depends on us how we recall them..
dance wrote: Bless you both
mindyjourney wrote: Life is such a journey and we are fortunate to have loving partners on the road. 🙏 Grateful you have such beautiful support.
pluto178 wrote: I am so sorry you lost your child but you have those memories and much cherished they must be………my heart goes out to you but I am glad returning home for a while gave you such a good feeling x
lilacgrace wrote: Wonderful that you were able to support and sustain each other during those difficult times.
Mish wrote: How wonderful to do that, Petro. 💕. And so true that “in the circle of kindness, life is always much more bearable”. Well said by you. Hugs.

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