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The Healthcare Heroes and the Caring Rose Week

--by MisterMindy, posted Nov 13, 2021
I had a full knee replacement surgery several weeks ago. A very painful, but necessary part of recovery is to participate in physical therapy, something I have been doing at the local clinic twice a week.

As this is Caring Rose Week, my wife purchased a dozen roses for me to donate to the clinic personnel that impart their healing torture upon my knee. They were very appreciative!

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scully wrote: May you continue to heal, and May Mindy continue to make you delicious goodies. Lovely flowers
mindyjourney wrote: How kind of you to treat your “torturers!” :))). It really is for your greater good and you are doing GREAT!!!! So proud of you 💕.
pluto178 wrote: I promise you will be all smiles again soon x
FARnanny wrote: Kindness oozing out of each rose and I'm sure it was very much appreciated. I hope the healing continues apace. xxx
dance wrote: wonderful kind gift, glad you are recovering well and are being looked after too :-)
Christine88 wrote: How sweet.
Margazhi wrote: All got to win ❤️🙏
Helenconnell2 wrote: Always important to share with others especially those who care!
gardengal10 wrote: Lovely!
SissyLee wrote: That is awesome.

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