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Spreading Joy in The Parking Lot

--by Christine88, posted Nov 20, 2021
On Sunday I stopped at a Dollar Tree store. On the way in, I noticed a mom and daughter (around 8 yrs old) were going to their car. The girl was carrying two rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.
I asked if they had a tree up yet.

The mom smiled and said, "No, not yet". I told them I wanted to give them something and. I got in my car and pulled out a tree-shaped ornament with a llama on it.

I handed it to the girl and said "Here you go, your first Christmas ornament for this year." She took it and said "cool!"I told her that I had made it and then  I wished them a  Merry Christmas. Seeing the mom and daughter so happy made me happy too.
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Readers Comments

dance wrote: Thant is so sweet!
Helenconnell2 wrote: Wonderful connection and I love the llama!
ado wrote: This is so beautiful, and an amazing gift. Great that you connected with them with a gift.
mindyjourney wrote: Kindly prepared :)))). Well done πŸŽ„.
petroskryf wrote: Such a kind gesture, and a beautiful gift as well!πŸ¦‹πŸŒΊ
Rajni wrote: You made very nice ornament. You did a wonderful job of giving to that girl. May Others get inspired.
lt33 wrote: So sweet love the tree now they can think of you when they decorate their tree up this yearπŸ˜‰β€
TheBigShelb wrote: That is so cute! I'm sure she was happy to receive it. πŸ¦™
pluto178 wrote: Thats so nice. X
drjoybug wrote: That's lovely and kind

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