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The Unspoken Good Neighbor Policy on Our Block

--by Mish, posted Nov 16, 2021
I’ve posted often here about the kindness people that live on our block share with one another.

Our Neighbor was expecting a big dumpster to be delivered early this morning in preparation for construction starting tomorrow. Their house (next door to us) had a fire a few months ago. She needed the 2 car space in front of the house saved for the dumpster but her family needed their cars to get to work, so couldn’t leave them there to save the spots.

My other next-door neighbor and my husband volunteered to park there when the spots opened up yesterday.πŸš—πŸš™

At 7 AM this morning the dumpster arrived. I called our neighbor to let her know, so she’d move her car out of the saved space (unlike us, she’s not an early riser & I woke her up). 😴 Nevertheless, we both moved our cars & the dumpster pulled into the space.

The neighbor called me to thank us and said she’d help set the same up for me if we need a dumpster when the renovations on our basement finally take place. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

But no good deed goes unpunished. Our car tires lost pressure from sitting outside in the cold for over a day (the low-pressure light was flashing), so we had to take it to get air put into the tires. A kind fellow at the gas station offered to do it for my husband, which was a blessing ❀️

Another neighbor is going for cataract surgery soon, so we offered to drive him to the medical center and pick him up after the procedure. His wife doesn’t drive & they were going to take car service. They’ve been there for us more than once, so it was nice to be able to reciprocate. πŸ‘

Blessed to live on a block where people look out for one another. πŸ™
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Readers Comments

mindyjourney wrote: Leading by example, twinnie :)))), with heart ❀️, consideration and kindness 😊.
petroskryf wrote: You are really looking out for each other there, dear Mish. Bless you all. πŸ’—πŸ’œ
lt33 wrote: Wow mish that was so nice of you & hubby to do extra for your neighbors so nice to have those close kind people to look after everyone πŸ˜‰
dance wrote: such a beautiful community around you, thank you for always caring
drjoybug wrote: God bless you Mish
gardengal10 wrote: Helping each other. The world would be such a nicer place if everyone did the same. :)
Rajni wrote: When neighbors feel like they are from one "Neighborhood Family", they all love to help each other. Thanks Mish to help create such a beautiful "Neighborhood Family"
pluto178 wrote: CommUnIty is definitely a capital letter for U and I where you live…………..sounds like Heaven x
Margazhi wrote: You guys are very evolved and that's how building a paradise is effortless for most of you. I mean every word. If only we all create such kind communities πŸ™

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