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Kindness Can Move Mountains

--by cyctw, posted Nov 24, 2021
When I arrived at work this morning I discovered a soy latte on my desk. A coworker had gotten it for me <3.

And then I received a Thanksgiving Gram from a student that reads: "Thank you so much for all of your kindness and support!"

I LOVE my students. As I was talking with one yesterday, I teared up as I told her why I teach. It's not because of the subject at all. It likely was when I began, but not anymore.

Now I teach because of the students. I'm sure I offer something beneficial to them that they will carry with them, some throughout their lives. But every day I receive so much more from them. There are days when I think I'll never quit teaching. I'll just die in the classroom when my time comes.

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FARnanny wrote: Wonderful to read that your dedication to your students and colleagues is valued. 😌
LotusRose wrote: Oh so love. When a teacher becomes the student. 'character' the best kind of education! Xx
gardengal10 wrote: Your students are fortunate to have you as their teacher.
Mish wrote: When we love what we do it is a blessing for us & all those we serve. I had this with my massage therapy practice. It transforms a “job” into a “calling”. Pure bliss. I’m so glad you have this, cyctw. You are a blessing for your students. 🙏
mindyjourney wrote: How fortunate you are to have found your passion in teaching :)))). Thank you for all you do!
dance wrote: Beautiful to read of your love for the students and teaching, no doubt you make a difference in their lives

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