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Finding A Way To Offer Something

--by twinkle, posted Jun 23, 2010

My doorbell rang and I opened the front door to find a man standing there holding an identity card.  He must have been in his late twenties. He said that he had been to a reform centre and he was trying to make good by selling things door to door.  

Unfortunately, I do have any money to buy things, but I did want to help this man.  I remembered that I had a small piggy bank full of coins.  I asked the man to wait and I went and got the piggy bank.  I emptied it into one of the man's pockets.

He was so happy.

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Readers Comments

madeusmile wrote: Very sweet of you to share you bank's contents! Who knew that small change could make you feel so good? :)
heartofflesh wrote: Hello Twinkle
Those small changes in the piggy bank might have changed the way that man looked at the world.May be,he told himself if I get some money today I will sincerely reform myself and start having faith in humanity. You never know Twinkle.You not only emptied the coins in the bank, but also alongwith the kindness of your heart!Either way you are a star! It is more blessed to give than receive! Isn't it?

God is the source of everything including the money in the bank.
JuneBug wrote: To empty the last of your pocket is a great sign of love and concern...Good job,twinkle !!!! :)
Aurelia wrote: Truly wonderful! Giving without any worries or regrets...I'm sure you both were blessed by this experience.

Hugs and Smiles, ~Aurelia

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