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Band-Aid Smiles

--by myfbil, posted Jun 27, 2010

This idea is so simple, and I've been doing it for SO many years that I never even gavea thought to posting it here before.

I carry "children's bandages" - you know those fancy printed or brightly colored ones that kids love - in my purse, tucked into an old, small plastic "raincap holder". Over the years, I have seen quite a few parents dealing with a crying child who has fallen and scraped a knee. I immediately reach into my purse and bring out one of those bandages, hand it to the parent and move on. Of course, it won't always make the scrape feel better, but it does usually ease the crying of the child and tension of the parent. I ALWAYS get a smile.


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success wrote: What an awesome idea!
myfbil wrote: Thank you so much. I'm so appreciative of all the wonderful ideas i find her and am pleased to share mine with you.

Have a sunshine day! :)
heartofflesh wrote: Fantastic Idea!
You're prepared in advance for other people's need and I love people like you.I have the highest regards for those who think about others needs.
It is the thought behind the action that is really beautiful!
Never hesitate to share anything!
Kindness is the most beautiful word in english.
myfbil wrote: Thank you for your beautiful words. They, in themselves, are a kindness. :)
iferlamb wrote: I love this!! Thank you for the wonderful idea!
cabbage wrote: Beautiful story and great idea! I love the quote too...thanks for sharing :-)
Big hugs to you.

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