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Birthday Care Day

--by butterkind, posted Dec 27, 2021
When we go on walks my husband often talks about the litter he sees on the sidewalk. So on his birthday, he decided to do some clean-up. I took a picker and he held a big trash bag. Together we did litter pickup on the sidewalk near the high school. I was surprised that the bag filled up so quickly and we dumped it in the roadside trash bin and repeated the process two more times.

It gave a sense of satisfaction to know that we did what we could for our Mother Earth. We thought of doing this on a regular basis; maybe once a month.

Afterward, we had a nice cup of tea and enjoyed his cake. :)

Every day after waking up is a birthday in some sense, and it would be so nice to practice starting with a fresh beginning and a kinder heart every day. :)
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lindariebel wrote: Waking up fresh every day -- what a concept! I think i'll try it. Thanks
dance wrote: Thank you for celebrating this way, very kind of you both
mindyjourney wrote: What a wonderful way to celebrate your husband’s birthday! Thank you both for doing and happy belated birthday birthday to your dear and thoughtful husband 🎂 😊.
Mish wrote: This is so LOVEly, Butterkind 👏🏻👌🏻
janfour wrote: such a great gift for everyone! thank you
cyctw wrote: Happy birthday to your husband<3. And happy birthday to you...every day<3. What a special gift to you our Mother Earth!
Rajni wrote: You are doing a wonderful job. May other get inspired to follow suit.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Definitely a great way to celebrate a birthday!
singhharry1996 wrote: Aww, that is so sweet! THANK you and all for being stewards of our beautiful planet <3

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