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A Lunch In Time

--by gardengal10, posted Dec 30, 2021
My sister shared this story today about her spouse.

They have had some plumbing difficulties and while they had fixed it, for the most part, the plumber was needed to secure a part to make a final installation. The supply store was a jaunt from their house and it was late in the afternoon. The plumber had to go quickly to the store to get the part and be back to their house for the install.

At some point, he mentioned to my brother-in-law that in midst of all the work, he had no time for lunch. My brother-in-law, although not a cook in any sense of the word, microwaved a hot dog and served up a very nice snack.

The plumber told my sister what a good and kind guy her spouse was. Yes, he was and is. :)
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lindariebel wrote: Kindness to contractors and repairpersons is always valuable.
mindyjourney wrote: That was just so sweet of your BIL :)))).
Rajni wrote: When there is a will, there is a way. Helping others is good. Your BIL did a very good job. He taught us that " Just do it with heart in it to succeed" Thanks for sharing.
Mish wrote: He’s a keeper 👍
drjoybug wrote: Keeper for sure
dance wrote: So sweet, didn't know you could microwave a hotdog?! :-))))

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