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Perfect Timing

--by Mish, posted Dec 9, 2021
❤️ Kindness Circle.

🍜 Our neighbor rang our bell & surprised us with her homemade soup & desserts. I in turn surprised her with a Hanukkah gift bag I had been adding small gifts to over the past few weeks.

The timing was perfect, as I was about to walk over to her house to leave the gift bag on her porch 😊

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Margazhi wrote: It's like you both long planned this moment at heart 💖
mindyjourney wrote: Perfect synchronicity of kindness 😊 🕊!
Helenconnell2 wrote: What a lovely connection x
pluto178 wrote: Beautiful thoughts attracted to beautiful thoughts x
gardengal10 wrote: How nice!
Drewtopian_1 wrote: There should be a Kindness Circle Facebook group.
drjoybug wrote: You seem to be in tune with each other
butterkind wrote: What a coincidence!

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