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A Kind Note from My Student

--by lewski711, posted Dec 25, 2021
We're working on paragraph writing in class. One of the assignments was to write one on your hero. This little bugger chose me. Please do not judge his incredible manuscript. We're working that for him. Instead, judge his content.

For those who cannot read third grade:
"My hero is Mr. Lewandowski. He can do magic. He's good at teaching. He's good at math. Who is your hero?"

Someone's getting an "A" for Christmas this year! 🙂


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mindyjourney wrote: A hero of kindness, that’s YOU, lewski :)))
lt33 wrote: Aww that's sweet he sees something in you that radiates kindness😁
Rajni wrote: World owes teacher a lot for their dedication and love for teaching and thereby shape future ideal citizens. Mr. Lewinsky, you deserve the honor your student gave you. You are real hero.
Helenconnell2 wrote: I always think students see their teachers in a way that managers and inspectors cannot! So wonderful to see!
Mish wrote: You touch the lives of your students in ways that will stay with them ❤️
gardengal10 wrote: Actually, I was able to translate the original third grade manuscript with little difficulty. You have a winner in your class Mr. L. :))
janfour wrote: so nice
pluto178 wrote: My son was once asked to write about his hero and he chose me boy was he sorry the next day when asked to read them out and others had people like Batman and Spiderman …..still I am sure I could rock the outfit lol Its so nice though when someone does this for you x
dotmatrix wrote: A great teacher is a true gift to our world. Beautiful. ♥.
dance wrote: Bless the little one!

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