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Christmas - The Santalorian-Style

--by brad2, posted Dec 28, 2021
I've been busy getting ready for my gift giveaway coming up next week, being kind to others, elders, single families and anyone in need, because ... this is the way.

Some got new winter jackets and winter boots, others got lunch and supper. Generally acting with my usual kind force of nature, making a difference to all I could.

I even got "The Elder" treatment from some young children, 7-year-olds, holding a door open for me and carrying gifts that I was dropping off - my Little Santalorian helpers, so kind of them to do that for me.

Spent time with my great-granddaughter yesterday. Quality time, I like to call it. Still have more gifts and presents to get, checking my list, checking to see who's been naughty or nice, but not being judgemental, everyone will get something.

Hope all of you are doing well and as usual. Peace
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petroskryf wrote: Thank you, dear Santa.
Mish wrote: Big hugs for you, Santa 🧑‍🎄
gardengal10 wrote: you have a wonderful Santa heart
pluto178 wrote: What a great plan x
Rajni wrote: Spirit of Christmas - that Gift giving is in your nature. You are going a very good job. Thanks/
Brad2 wrote: My theme is Positivity & Compassion
dotmatrix wrote: This is awesome Santalorian. *hugs* to you. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: The Way of Peace 🙏 🕊. Thank you, brad.

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