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It's The Little Things...

--by kat94, posted Jan 4, 2022
I work at an elementary school, and have become pretty close with one of the older custodians over the past few years.

She's been incredibly kind and encouraging and has also been through quite a lot recently. Butt despite the challenges, she always has a smile on her face.

Yesterday, I took the time to write her a card, letting her know just how much she is appreciated and what about her I really admire. Today, she let me know just how much that card meant to her.

The little things ♥️
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zenny wrote: Hey. I just remember your name. There was something that we used to speak about in particular long back. I think you told me about the book ' man's search for meaning''
cheeka wrote: Thanks for making her day!
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for giving her that card. A lovey act of kindness.🌺🌼
kmbhai wrote: wonderful..
fairykats wrote: That happened with me and a custodian at the university where I worked, too. It meant the world to me that I was able to spread a little happiness. Good for you!
Mish wrote: Oh Kat, there was so much love in what you gave her & powerful for her as well. Beautiful 🙏❤️
singhharry1996 wrote: How wonderful, to be an angel of love! Thank you for the reminder
dotmatrix wrote: The little things for sure. Makes me realize I can do this more too and must! Well done, Kat. ♥.
SissyLee wrote: Taking the time out to write a card is a great thing to do.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for doing :))). To be appreciated is a powerful action :)

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