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Kindness Received Twice Over

--by Mish, posted Jan 5, 2022
A big box of citrus fruit from our friend in Florida was delivered to the wrong house, one block over. Instead of just keeping it, the people were honest enough to let us know, as some less honest might have done.

To show our appreciation & thank them, I put a bunch of grapefruits & navel oranges in a nice gift bag, with a Christmas card of thanks & hubby dropped it off at their house this morning on his way to the park.
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lindariebel wrote: So two households benefited.
lindariebel wrote: Maybe you now have a new friend.
Rajni wrote: Kindness can grow on the trees. Thank delivery man for mistake that gave you an opportunity to share fruits with them.
pluto178 wrote: Lot I love the depth of Rajni’s answer here everything in life is indeed an opportunity x
Margazhi wrote: What a lovely mistake it was 😍
greenurlifenow wrote: Two acts of kindness. Awesome, Mish. 🙂
fairykats wrote: Nice!!
mindyjourney wrote: Been craving citrus lately :)))). How nice they delivered them to you and then you shared 🍊!
Helenconnell2 wrote: Excellent idea!
kmbhai wrote: very beautiful..

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