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Transit Picnic

--by cabbage, posted Jan 16, 2022
Friends were transiting through San Francisco en route to India. They did not have a lot of time in between flights, so I drove to the airport with a picnic!

Even though it started to downpour when I pulled up to the curb, I drove them to a scenic spot by the bay. They enjoyed the hot chai and snacks/food that I brought from home while sitting in the car. And then magically the rain stopped, the sun came out briefly and we enjoyed a little walk by the bay, soaking in the views and the magnificent sky.

Even though we only got to spend a little over an hour together it was uplifting and so lovely since we hadn't seen each other since the pandemic began (they live in another state). I smiled all the way home.
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kmbhai wrote: hot chai is so special.. From which state of India ?
pluto178 wrote: San Fransisco to India wow………they will have needed that picnic. Hope they have a great journey x
Mish wrote: What a loving thing to do for them & with such a fun way too.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for making their mini-visit so special!
Rajni wrote: Your care and love for your friend is superb. You did a wonderful job of getting snacks, Chai and being present for good memories.
fairykats wrote: How fun and completely satisfying :]
butterkind wrote: This transit would surely be memorable for all of you.
petroskryf wrote: Sounds like the perfect picnic! And a lovey story too. You are privileged to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.🦋

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