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Food and Books to the Rescue

--by lindariebel, posted Jan 18, 2022
A dear friend took a terrible fall and lost her two front teeth and was hurt all over. Worst of all, she was on her way to meet me and my husband and we didn't find out about this until later.

Kind strangers stayed with her and called EMTs. The next day I drove to her house (about 40 minutes, had only been there once since we always meet at the opera) bringing soup, yogurt, ice cream -- you know, soft food!

Also some humorous books and stuffed animals. She was so amazed I had come so far, but we had a lovely hour-long visit. Next day she sent us a picture of her smiling with temporary tooth caps.
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Abbygail7 wrote: That is very beautiful.
kmbhai wrote: My prayers are with your friend..
pluto178 wrote: Oh so sorry to hear it I they are okay x
Mish wrote: Yikes…May she heal well 🙏. Your kind caring will help her heal. Blessings for all of you. ❤️
Helenconnell2 wrote: I hope she will feel better very soon and thank you for your kindness to her!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for bringing comfort to your friend 💕! ‘Tis the season to be extra mindful and full of good cheer too 😊.
Rajni wrote: Hope your friend gets quick recovery. Your presence (visit) and present (soft food) is greatly appreciated.
gardengal10 wrote: My face hurts just reading about this. Thanks for taking time out to offer comfort, a smile and some gifts.
fairykats wrote: omgosh, how scary and painful for her. Thank you for being such a kind friend!
butterkind wrote: That's very kind of you to travel and meet and cheer your friend in this way! :)

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