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Small Things That Can Make A Big Difference

--by lewski711, posted Jan 1, 2022
A tradition for my wife and is to make holiday treats and drive around town to deliver to about 15 friends. We do this over two days and gain a lot of satisfaction seeing people and wishing them well. 
Last night kindness had a strange connection with timing. 
First, we showed up to deliver to treats to our 95-year old neighbor right before she was ready to go to sleep. Next, we delivered to friends who had just finished dinner and were craving something sweet. Shortly after, with plate in hand, we gifted a neighbor and her daughter who were coming home from a walk. Coincidently, we then were leaving a friend's house as she pulled up from visiting someone else. An eighty-five year old neighbor was on Zoom with friends talking about what Christmas meant and said that our surprise was the perfect example.

One friend was not home when we called. She was cool on the phone when we rang to let her know we were leaving a small treat for her. She told us she was on her way and asked if we would wait. She said that she could use a hug. She had just returned from the ER. Her husband, who had been suffering continuous medical obstacles, had just fallen, broken his hip and needed surgery. She got her hugs.

From a perfect dessert after a good meal to support for friend worried about her husband, our sweets meant a lot to many.

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FARnanny wrote: A 'sweet' and generous way to share love and kindness. Xx
Mish wrote: Mr. & Mrs. Santa!! 🎅 ❤️ 🧑‍🎄
pluto178 wrote: Lovely idea x
gardengal10 wrote: You are miracle workers!!!
mindyjourney wrote: That’s a whole lot of holiday baking and kindness! Thank you and wife for doing :)
Rajni wrote: Your sweets makes sweet memories. Thank God for His time management that you deserved the most. Thanks for always being kinder than necessary.
fairykats wrote: So beautiful, Lew. Thank you for all you do.
kmbhai wrote: good idea..
Balou wrote: Truly perfect! Thank you for being such a kind and compassionate person!

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