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Random Acts of Kindness On The Menu

--by cyctw, posted Jan 26, 2022
Today I had lunch with Cynthia, a former student of mine. The go-to restaurant I use for events like this is Merit Vegetarian. it's a good introduction to vegan food and everyone I've brought there has loved it.
As I was waiting for my friend to arrive, I overheard someone saying they needed to go to their car to retrieve cash in order to pay for something. When they stepped outside, I spoke to the staff and offered to pay their bill.  As it turned out it was just for a piece of cake and I asked them to just add it to my bill. I handed the cashier a Smile Card, asking them to give it to the man. When he came back with his money the man was pleasantly surprised. 
I thought I had done a good deed, but there were more surprises to come.  Cynthia and I were sitting enjoying a conversation and our lunch when Bill, a worker at the restaurant, approached us. He explained that the couple on table 1 had paid for our lunch, including the pie. Bill didn’t understand why but my I guessed it was just ripples spreading. My Random Act of Kindness was magnified. 
When we were getting ready to leave, I asked Cynthia to pick out a table so that we could keep the journey of kindness going. Although they all looked deserving, she opted for one. I called Bill over and said I wanted to pay for their lunch. He was beside himself with joy, smiling from ear to ear.  I don't think he had ever observed anything like this before. Cynthia agreed that she'd never experienced anything like this, either.

In the past 7 years I've been able to witness so much generosity and kindness in action. This could be the result of karma or maybe I'm paying more attention or a bit of both. Whatever the reason, it's not a coincidence that this corresponds with my involvement in Service Space and Kind Springs. Deep gratitude to you, and the rest of humanity, for being my mirror. Peace and Joy to all Humankind<3<3<3.
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Jackaero wrote: Sounds so awesome.

A difficult task i felt was to decide to whom the kindness be passed on.

Indeed a kind job is done.
cheeka wrote: Kindness can be contagious and if anyone has a doubt, your story is the proof right here. It makes me feel so good even reading your post. Your hearts must have warmed up ever more as you left the restaurant. With gratitude and best wishes.
pluto178 wrote: Ripples indeed x
Mish wrote: So great…am sharing this 👍👌🏻❤️❤️❤️
mindyjourney wrote: ‘Tis the season, dear cyctw! Thank you for sharing the cheer :)))
Balou wrote: What a beautiful example of the ripples spreading! Usually it is not that much direct, but I believe almost each good deed will somehow trigger another, or even more good deeds .....
SissyLee wrote: A musical chairs of kindness!
dotmatrix wrote: Huge smiles. Awesome story.
lt33 wrote: Omg love the kindness ripples you definitely started it thank u for your aok 😀
Rajni wrote: Karma never fails. It is like a boomerang When we help others, our good karma pays back to us in magical ways. Just thank God for all the RAOK's we can do and the blessings we receive through some kind soul.

Season of giving is always in fashion, 365 days a year and years after the year.

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