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Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh- Batman

--by lewski711, posted Jan 28, 2022
My new birthday tradition rocked today. I started it a couple of years ago. It goes like this: I put the same number of one-dollar bills as my new age, into my pocket and surprise strangers around town (I know, $24 isn’t much (that's my attempt at humor, my daughter is nearly that old).

I gifted strangers at local coffee shops including McDonald's, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Blenders, Kyle's Kitchen, Yogurtland, as well as tipping some of the folks behind the counter.

Reactions were wonderful as I explained, "It's my birthday and paying for this is your gift to me." I plop down the money and leave. Recipients (and even people working at the establishments) are stunned and excited.

I love that people will tell the story of the mystery guy with the Batman mask who paid for their coffee or burger.

The best one was the last one at In-n-Out. I paid for a young man's meal. He was shocked and delighted and I left and got into the car. He chased me and told me I had made his day, that I started something today. He told me his birthday was in three days (we're both Capricorns). He was turning 25. I told him about sticking 25 bills in his pocket and making people feel the way he felt right then. 
He wished me a happy birthday and a Merry Christmas, and I sped away in my Bat Mobile.

Great birthday!

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drjoybug wrote: Great idea
Mish wrote: Happy, Happy Birthday!!! 👌🏻
mindyjourney wrote: Love the celebrate :))). Only $24? More next year! 🎂 Happy Birthday, lewski :)
balou wrote: Happy Birthday! ... and this really is a wonderful idea! My birthday is not near, but I will remember (enough money to gift it to many, many people, the advantages of more years 😂😂😂)
pluto178 wrote: This is you at 24 wow you are going to become so amazing more so than you could ever have believed. Well done x
lewski711 wrote: I was 24 many years ago. I have been a teacher more years than that! :)
Rajni wrote: Happy Birthday to you Mr. Lewski711. You taught us a very good lesson to make others happy by treating them. And reminding us that real happiness is in giving.
cabbage wrote: What a great idea!! Thank you for the inspiration

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