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Compassionate Cakes for the Community

--by Harriet, posted Jun 29, 2010

I entered the monthly Kindness contest, answering the question, "What would you do with $100 to help your community?" I said that I would buy 100 cake mixes and bake 100 cakes and deliver them to 100 different blocks in my community, encouraging the recipients to share their cakes with their neighbors! I wanted to deliver not only food for their bellies, but food for their souls! I wanted to show the love that I had for my community and encourage others to talk with or meet their neighbors! I named the idea, "Compassionate Cakes".

To my surprise, my idea was chosen and a $100 check was sent to me to do my project! Now, I had to get to work. I bought the cake mixes and made "tags" telling the recipients about the project and encouraging them to visit the website, I added a "tag" to each cake delivered. I made yellow, white, strawberry, butter, chocolate, all different kinds of cakes! I got a map of my town and every time I delivered a cake, I put a sticky "star" on the map to show where I had delivered the cake. I kept a notebook with the names of the families where I delivered the cakes. I got my whole family in on the project, helping me deliver the cakes! I took pictures of the families receiving the cakes. The response is overwhelming! People are really amazed that you would take your time and bake a whole cake for them. It really is such a small and simple gift to me, but a huge gift of love to others. I am blessed beyond words for this website and the opportunity to be a giver of "Compassionate Cakes" for my community.

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sally1 wrote: Wonderful work of love. Keep it up. It really required lot of time and dedication.
HappyDae wrote: Oh my! A labor of love for sure! I know it has taken many hours to buy, mix and bake that many cakes. But just think of the many people you reached in such a friendly, loving, positive manner and encouraging them to reach out and share with their neighbors. Thank you for your kind and generous heart. Love and peace, happydae
Zevelina wrote: So sweet! I would love to give (or get) a cake, great idea*
iferlamb wrote: How wonderful!

Mtalii wrote: Great. Keep it on, keep at it.
success wrote: Truly amazing! Having a wonderful idea is one thing. The fact that you were true to your word and so dedicated to see your project through is truly inspirational to me.
grammagussie wrote: I love this story and idea. You have inspired me. Now i need the motivation. Lol.
willie spikes wrote: I love your idea and, you planted a great seed out they and i prayer the lord water it god bless you.
Janet wrote: What a sweet story! It's is good for the heart and soul to read of such conscious kindness being stirred up with what must have been a whole lotta time in the kitchen mixing and pouring forth love, generous thoughts and feelings along with the ingredients. One would naturally conclude then that those cakes must have tasted especially sweet and delicious.
Nicole wrote: How fun. What an absolutely lovely idea, thanks for sharing.

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