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Let it Snow, Let is Snow!

--by butterkind, posted Jan 24, 2022
My family was at a resort in Bass Lake to enjoy the snow. After the first night’s stay, when we got to the parking lot the next morning, we noticed that all the cars were covered in snow due to snowfall the previous night. We took off the snow from the front and rear sides and windows of our car.

As my family was getting in the car, I started removing the snow from the neighboring car. I cleared their front view glass and stuck a Smile card under the viper. Felt gratitude and joy for doing this, no matter how small the act seemed. :))

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cheeka wrote: It feels good even reading your story. It must feel a lot kinder to the person seeing someone took the time removing the snow and stuck a smile card under the viper. May your tribe grow!
Balou wrote: Somebody probably had a big smile on theirnfaces later that day!
petroskryf wrote: A nice surprise indeed for the owner of that car. Thank you for doing this.👏🏻
scully wrote: That is such a great gift, especially for people in a rush
mindyjourney wrote: Always helping a neighbor wherever you are! Thank you 😊 ❄️.
unknown wrote: A good one for sure. You never know how you might have made their day 🙏 thank you.
Rajni wrote: No kind act is small. You never know with ripple effect - pay it forward, other people also continue to clear snow from stranger's, neighbor's, Old people's cars. Thanks for very good deed and inspiration as well.
Mish wrote: Yeah, that’s definitely a “feel good” RAK 👌🏻💝
drjoybug wrote: I would be so happy and surprised if that was my car❣️
TheBigShelb wrote: What a great thing to do!

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