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Inspired By "Food For Thought Jar"

--by shutterfly, posted Jul 2, 2010

I've been racking my brain trying to think of meaningful homemade gifts to give for Christmas this year.  My family has agreed that instead of buying gifts for each other and for extended family and friends, we will be donating our gift budget to a children's charity.  However, I would like to make "thank you" gifts for the adults in my life to acknowledge the holidays and thank them for their support this year (since they won't be receiving gifts from us).  Then I remembered this story from about the food for thought jar. 

What a perfect gift idea!!!  Jars come cheap or can be found around the house and recycled.  I am going to take the food for thought jar a step further here and give them as gifts with the hope that my mother and sister and friends will read the special tidbits inside and feel good every day :)  (and of course, each one will have a smile card in it.)

Thank you to Bedbug for her creativity and inventiveness and wonderful idea that I am going to recycle and reuse for my own purposes.



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