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We All Need People Who Care

--by petroskryf, posted Mar 31, 2022
We had a lovely break for 10 days, just getting away from home and work while visiting good old friends and family in another city. 

I bought them some small, but thoughtful gifts and they were so grateful. In turn, they surprised us as well with tokens of kindness.

We all need people in our lives who care about us. And we all need to reach out to others to show that we care too.
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Mish wrote: A LOVEly break, PETRO 👌🏻
Rajni wrote: Why it is called a break while, infect you joined with friends?

Happy to know that You enjoyed your mini vacation away from home.
scully wrote: Thanks for sharing
Helenconnell2 wrote: It sounds the perfect break!
Balou wrote: Yes, we need these connections with other kind people ... and a break now and then. Glad you had this time!
pluto178 wrote: Sounds like a lovely break x
mindyjourney wrote: So glad you had such a nice vacation, my friend! 💕

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