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Brought To You By A Not-so-rapid Test

--by cyctw, posted Jan 9, 2022
After waking with a slight sore throat, with a function of nearly 300 people that I was to attend, I thought it best to get a rapid covid test. I made an appointment for 12:15 pm. I arrived around noon and was told that I had to wait in line, even though I had an appointment.

A little more than six hours later I finally received my test. Of course, I didn't receive my results (negative:)) until it was too late and I missed the function I was to attend. In fact, I didn't get my results until today around 11 am.

And the only reason is because of Alexandra, who answered my call. After being on hold for nearly an hour. At the helpline of the company that did my test. As she took all of my information, we chatted about everything from the weather (she's in Chicago) to football.

I found out her dad is a big Bears fan, so I wished him luck as the Vikings (who I generally root for) plays the Bears next week. And then she told me of her experience of being on hold with an airline for an hour and a half, so she could empathize with me.

Anyway, I asked Alexandra if she thought I'd get the results faster if I just went back up to where I got the test done and asked them. So I just went up there and asked them for my results and they told me. :)

I only did this at Alexandra's urging. Without her, I likely still would not know my results. 

Because of Alexandra I, and my family, are more at ease. Through all of this, I realize that we're all just doing our best. It wasn't the worker's fault that I had to wait six hours.

In fact, I am grateful I even got in for a test, as they stayed open well past the time they were supposed to close. It wasn't Alexandra's fault I was on hold for so long. Things are as they are. Most of it is no one's fault in particular. It's just called "life."

By chance Alexandra reads this...who knows, stranger things have happened. Thank you Alexandra for the delightful conversation today. You have made this third day of 2022 extra special <3.
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mindyjourney wrote: Reminds of a sign I saw recently that went something like this, “Be kind to our workers, they showed up today!” :)))) So glad negative CoVid test, my friend. And thank you for being mindful and thankful :)
Helenconnell2 wrote: I'm glad you got a negative Covid test!
pluto178 wrote: Maybe you didn’t catch covid at the 300 strong meeting so being delayed did you a favor…….glad you tested negative and all is well with the world. x
janfour wrote: Good news and kindness 💕
Mish wrote: Yes, everyone is trying to do their best in this very challenging time…not easy with hour long waits & shortages…I applaud your patience!!! Great negative test result! Bless, cyctw. 🙏
Rajni wrote: In the great cosmic drama, we are playing our part directed by the the greatest director of all, God. Our role is based on our karma.
Waiting was your roll to play.

I see the blessings in disguise in missing the function with 300 people. May be you were prone to Corona virus if you attended. Just thank God for keeping you safe. We must thank God for whatever happens to us.
butterkind wrote: Thank you to Alexandra and to the patience, reverence and gratitude you have shown for “life”. :)

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