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Foster Care For Hamster -- Meet Fabio

--by SissyLee, posted Jan 30, 2022
Meet Fabio, my new foster hamster! Fabio was surrendered after living a year and a half in a tiny cage that had very little in it -- a chilly and too small plastic hut, a saucer wheel too small for a Syrian, and a diet unsuited for good health. He was greasy looking -- he never had a sand bath.

The rescue gave him a big warm bin with a good wheel, sand to bathe in and he turns out to have the longest blond hair they have ever seen. I was asked if I would foster him and I said yes and to everyone's delight, named him Fabio.

He is super friendly and will climb on my computer and wash up. Despite his neglect, his good nature is coming out. He is so excited about roaming around Hamsterdam and the scent of Popcorn leaves doesn't bother him. Popcorn is not bothered by Fabio's scent either.
The Little Critter Crew is once again swamped. There has been a rash of chinchilla rescues, two of which are pregnant and 11 hamsters are coming up from southern California -- they were in a high kill shelter and would have been killed New Year's Day. They are awaiting transport at a rescue, which has 120 (!) hamsters. Somehow the Little Critter Crew will find fosters for them.

People find every animal possible to obtain and discard. I am so glad for the dedicated rescuers that work diligently to help these tiny, sentient beings that are so overlooked.

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Readers Comments

mindyjourney wrote: Fabio is fabulous and so are YOU! Many thanks to all the animal helpers :))
lt33 wrote: Aww you're fostering him thank u for helping out until he finds his permanent home 🤗
Mish wrote: That’s just the perfect name for this long haired beauty! 👌🏻
drjoybug wrote: That is one cute hamster 🐹
gardengal10 wrote: You gave me my afternoon laugh. Fabio is perfect!
Balou wrote: What a beautiful little fellow! So happy people like the rescue team and you are helping out where other people are abusive ....
Rajni wrote: May God continue to help all the animal helpers including you.
pluto178 wrote: Another beauty is your midst……..I do wish children could be taught in school that taking on a pet is amazing on both sides but they have to remember they have taken a life into their hands and they must look after them properly not tire of them in no time at all……..its a life and living thing and must be cared for. Pets teach children how to be gentle and caring in life if they don’t learn it as a child it may never come to them. So please know the responsibility you are taking on as a child when you get a pet. So glad people like you are there to take up the slack. I wager this one will not be going anywhere but your place. lol x
Helenconnell2 wrote: That is wonderful!
cheeka wrote: So nice to see Fabio. You are so kind to foster Fabio. May your tribe grow!

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