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Two Thanksgiving Smile Cards

--by Bosslady31, posted Jul 1, 2010

This is my first time posting a story on helpothers because I have not had the opportunity to use my smile cards yet, but yesterday on Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to use them twice :)

Yesterday morning was thanksgiving and my husband and I were getting ready to head to Atlanta to spend the holidays with family. I was outside packing the car when I noticed a car sitting at the corner of the lane with the flashers on. There was a line of cars behind honking and getting very aggravated but the man at the wheel was just sat there. I called out to my husband and asked him to go see if the man needed help.

My husband rushed across across the busy intersection and asked the man if he was okay. The man sitting there had simply ran out of gas, and could not get intouch with anyone to help him and he didn't have a gas can. My husband called me and told me to run to the store and get some gas in one of our cans. When I returned with the gas, my husband helped him put it in his car.  The man pulled over in front of our house and began thanking us and trying to pay us something. We simply handed him a smile card and asked him to pay forward the favor.

We had a wonderful day in Atlanta, eating wonderful food, taking lots of pictures, and really enjoyed being with family. When we were on our way back,  we sawy a man crossing the street as we waited at the lights. As  I sat there watching him my heart started to break because I knew he was homeless and did not have anyone to spend the holidays with. I remembered all the leftover food we had in the car that my mother-in-law had packed up for us, and told my husband to hury and get him a couple plates. She had secured the plates in about 4 different bags, so as my husband struggled to get the bags open, the light turned green. He finally got the bags open and I called the man over and asked him was he hungry, he very politly said "yes ma'am. I was trying to get him the food and the vehicle behind us was getting very aggravated, honking and flashing lights.

I gave the man the plates of food which were still warm and a few sodas and also a smile card.  The light had turned back red by this point. The car behind me whipped around us and sped through the light while honking at us. But as I saw the man un wrap the tinfoiled plate, it brought a smile to my face that in some way I might have helped make his Thanksgiving just a tad bit better.  



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annjav wrote: Sometimes it's tough to block out the negative vibes---like the traffic behind us honking the horn----and do the kind thing we'd like to do. Thanks for being such a good example!
flowerpower wrote: Now that i read this i want to do something good for another and the best will be yet to come. I ammend you both for your genorosity and kindness. Keep up the good work :)
f4cyw wrote: What a happy story. Thanks for sharing and i will also try to do something good for others!
trueblue wrote: Good things come to those who wait. What a great way to pay it forward
And a great story as well!
Pradeep wrote: What a sweet gesture. You guys will definitely be blessed with something in days to come. !
Pradeep wrote: What a sweet gesture. You guys will definitely be blessed with something in days to come. !
liztree wrote: What a beautiful story - thank you for sharing.
BlueByrd47 wrote: and your husband are angels. Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for giving of your hearts. Thank you for not allowing anything, or anyone stand in your way of doing something kind for another!!

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