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Community Camaraderie

--by mindyjourney, posted Feb 13, 2022
Absolutely slammed at the food pantry today!

At one point there was a line of over a dozen families waiting for food. We even ran out of the regular staples of cheese and margarine.

One woman was moved to tears, telling us how this was the first time she needed help in feeding her family. We soothed her, expressing how at one time or another we all need a little extra help.

We were short one of our regular volunteers but did the best we could. We even managed to keep the spirits of our visitors up by our camaraderie of “help-it-tude” and all the time behind our masks. 

It was wonderful that one of the pantry patrons brought in a bucket of fresh eggs to share. 

Fellow volunteers enjoyed my treat of burnt butter cookies. My friend, Cheryl, was also thrilled that I woke early and baked her a loaf of sourdough bread. She needed a little boost. It was a tough holiday for her between recovering from surgery and her husband’s car accident.

It was a great day, feeding not only hungry stomachs but spirits as well. I feel blessed and grateful for our caring community. 
I was so exhausted afterwards, I took a 3 hour nap! ðŸ’¤ 

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Readers Comments

Balou wrote: So much kindness! Thank you, unfortunately this is essential nowadays ... thank you for spending your time and of course for your uplifting treats!!
dotmatrix wrote: This is awesome, Mindy. Glad you got to rest.
janfour wrote: thanks for helping people feel safe in asking for help
unknown wrote: Thank you so much for lighting people's hearts with hope.
Rajni wrote: When there is love there is life.--Mahatma Gandhiji

Sister Mindy, your selfless service at food pantry is very inspiring. Your soothing words did a wonderful job. Your "help-it-tude" is commendable. Thanks for sharing love wherever go.
Mish wrote: No shortage of “help-it-tude” with beautiful helpers like you & the other volunteers giving your all. Bless. 🙏💖
pluto178 wrote: This is real good and wholesome kindness of such great value to the people you are helping well done I do not know where you get the energy……..actually I do I realised when I was typing that ………good works are always supplied with lots of positive energy to succeed. x
SissyLee wrote: Wow!
cyctw wrote: "At one time or another we all need a little extra help." Very true. And each of us can can serve in our own way. You've found, and helped build, a loving and compassionate community<3. Thank you, Mindy<3<3<3.
butterkind wrote: This is incredible how you are using your baking knowledge and precious time to lift people’s spirits and serving it with a loving heart. Thank you

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