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Buying the Baker Her Favorite Treat

--by poetrybug, posted Feb 15, 2022
I often visit a small shop across the road from me to get lunch from their bakery section. One of the staff at the bakery mentioned having received a distressing diagnosis the day before. She was clearly shaken up by it.

There was nothing I could do about that, except for offering sympathy, but I tried to offer a little kindness. I asked if she could eat the baked goods they sold herself if she needed a treat. She said she couldn't eat them unless they were broken. Under the guise of asking for a recommendation, I asked about her favourite treat, and pretended to be buying it for myself to try. Then I gave it right back to her.

It took her a minute to realize what I'd done, and I left pretty quickly, not wanting to make her feel awkward! I hope it made her day a little bit better, and that she felt like someone cared. 
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Readers Comments

cabbage wrote: You made her day--thank you!
Iferlamb wrote: What a lovely way to show someone that another person understands and cares about them!
greenurlifenow wrote: What a wonderful and kind gesture. 👍

Well done.
dotmatrix wrote: Brilliant and kind. Well done. ♥.
unknown wrote: Thank you for making such a warm presence unto this suffering person 🙏
Balou wrote: Offring sympathy and kindness is a huge help! Thank you for seeing her discomfort and for trying to lighten her up. You may not be able to change the diagnosis, but you did change a moment for her. Thank you.
Rajni wrote: Our actions speak louder than our words(Speech). You gave a very good example of kindness. Your love and care will always be remembered by the staff of the bakery who served you.
cheeka wrote: Thanks for your smart kindness and making that staff member feel cared.
Mish wrote: That was so clever & so kind. Bless you both. ❤️🙏
pluto178 wrote: It will taste even better than usual with the love attached to it x

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