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Transplanting Plants On The Roadside

--by patjos, posted Apr 2, 2022
Often while on my morning walk along a country lane, I notice the spaces where fallen trees have left only their stumps with very little growing there now. It seems such a shame to me that there's little there now for the birds and bees.
A couple of days ago, I found a large bank of snowdrops growing over the mound of an underground oil tank by an abandoned house. So taking advantage of the soft ground after a recent snow melt, I dug up a bagful, then transplanted them along the roadside verge, putting a small clump beside the old stumps and in many other places along the way. Although they're a bit late to establish for this year, I'm sure they look very bright and pretty for years to come and will be a source of early food for the pollinators who visit them. Next step dear Universe, could you please find me some hawthorns, brambles and rose hips that need new homes. Happy bees!

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Readers Comments

DANCE wrote: Super!
cabbage wrote: Thank you for the great idea and spreading seeds of kindness for mother nature :-) bless you.
Balou wrote: Oh, I love snowdrops! Beautiful picture, Patjos, did you take it yourself? Thank you for beautifying the roadside!
Mish wrote: Such a lovely thing to do, patjos. Bless. 🙏
gardengal10 wrote: Love your snowdrops! Mine have been buried by snow, yet again! :)))
mindyjourney wrote: Helping Mother Nature along, dear patjos :)))).
unknown wrote: Thank you for transforming a barren place into one of life ...
fairykats wrote: This made me very happy to read. Have you noticed that often cut down trees are not gone, but put out greening branches, almost in defiance. I love to see this!
SissyLee wrote: Thank you for noticing the wounded places and touching them with healing.
janfour wrote: lovely flowers

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