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A Haven of Hope

--by dotmatrix, posted Apr 16, 2022
Today we gave a monthly contribution to Sister Lucy at Maher Ashram. 

One day, when Sister Lucy was a young girl, she went to Delhi for the first time and saw people living on the street. She cried and asked her parents why they were there. "Why is no one helping them?" Her parents tried to explain but the complexities were too difficult as they would be for anyone, let alone a child. 

The little girl decided that, someday, she would do everything in her power to help. At 18 she joined a religious order but they didn't do outreach work. It took five more years to find the funds to build one home.

Sister Lucy had nothing when she started except her faith, but her faith never wavered. Every time she saw someone sleeping on the street, she brought them to her house until it was full. Then she got the funds to build another house and another. Every day she found food for the people she sheltered. And now there are over 30 homes across India.

Maher ("Mother's Lap"- the safest place on earth) just celebrated 25 years. Whenever possible I do admin work for Sister Lucy but she doesn't often need it. The children she raised grew up to become helpers, compassionate, kind, and skilled. They are taking the dream of one little girl far into the future.  

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Helenconnell2 wrote: That's a beautiful story
kmbhai wrote: Wonderful..
Mish wrote: Sister Lucy is truly an Earth Angel 😇. Bless you for supporting her, Dot.🙏
unknown wrote: What an Inspiring Post! Great! I loved this post. Thank You for making me happy with this post.
pluto178 wrote: What an amzing insightful and confident young woman x
Helenconnell2 wrote: That is so wonderful!
cheeka wrote: Thanks for sharing Sister Lucy's amazing story. As you say, Sister Lucy has also raised kind and compassionate children and the kindness keeps passing on.
scully wrote: Great stuff Dot!! Thanks for sharing about this important cause, and the strength of one person to make a change

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