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The Jacket Bought More Than 50 Years Ago

--by petroskryf, posted Apr 19, 2022
We visited my dad (aged 93) in the care home yesterday. My mom passed away in January and they would have been married for 69 years this past week.

I took some delicious food for him, and checked his fridge to make sure there was enough food in there.

He gave me some of mom's clothes and amongst them was a lovely beach jacket that she kept since the early seventies (even before I went to school). It is still so beautiful and I will keep it in my cupboard with a dress that belonged to my daughter, who also passed away years before.

I was very sad when I looked at the jacket, remembering my mom wearing it when I was a little girl of 4 or 5 years old. But also grateful for the kindness that I had something tangible to keep her close to me.💓
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Readers Comments

cheeka wrote: What a great treasure!
DANCE wrote: Lots of love to you and Dad
Balou wrote: A good memory can make the pain of our losses more bearable ... but whom am I telling this .... glad you had this time with your father.
gardengal10 wrote: What a lovely remembrance. It sounds as if it has time machine qualities to take to back to a completely different time in your life.
Mish wrote: Loving memories forever held in your heart, dear Petro 🙏💖
patjos wrote: We are all of us there in your heart too Petro :)
dotmatrix wrote: *hugs* and love, dear Petro. ♥.
scully wrote: Thanks for sharing that beautiful and powerful memory of your mum in her jacket. Bless you
Helenconnell2 wrote: How lovely to have something like that!
Rajni wrote: Memories of mom cherished with her coat is a beautiful way to remember her.

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