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Expanding Hearts on a Plane Journey

--by Rajni, posted Apr 24, 2022
Kindness Journey

I have a hearing problem, so my son helped me to check in my luggage at the Dulles International Airport Washington DC. I gave a birthday- quote card pack to check-in clerk.

Her face brimmed with a smile, thanking me. It was my first time at the Washington DC airport, so my son asked for wheelchair to make sure I found the departure gate. The check-in clerk came out from behind the counter and requested my wheelchair to the lady managing them. I am thankful to all of them.

The gate was not an easy find for me going up and down and taking train to gate. My son took the right decision to have the wheelchair. I greatly appreciate his love and concern for me.

At the security check, they let me pass with my watch, belt and shoes on.

At the boarding gate I said that I have hearing problem and asked a staff member to let me know when my turn to board arrives. Immediately, she escorted me to the plane. I am thankful to her. I gave a quote cards to her

On the plane, the middle seat next to me was empty. The lady seated near the window was trying to sleep. I gave up my seat so that she could sleep comfortably. I occupied the seat in the first row of the section where there was ample leg room and no other passenger seated next to me. Kindness paid me back.

I cracked jokes with attendant. I talked twice to different people about my health experience with turmeric powder that cured my backache.

While giving quote cards to passengers, I told the Fatemah story and talked about I saw the lady searching for it on her cell phone.

On the plane, little girl dropped a Crayola set. I picked it up and gave it to her. Later on, while she was sleeping, she dropped her pillow several times, I put them near her.
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DANCE wrote: such kindness everywhere!
pluto178 wrote: Is this you or written by someone else. X
Rajni wrote: I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me opportunities to serve and helping and guiding me throughout my journey.

I am also grateful to KS friend who helped me put this in perspective.
Balou wrote: Your kindness is attracting other peoples kindness just s well. Happy you have had such good support on your travel and such nice connections were made. Maybe we can welcome one of them here in the near future.
Mish wrote: Such beautiful kindness shared on your journey. Bless.🙏
cheeka wrote: That's one great kindness journey with jokes shared with others. Lots to ponder how you navigate your disability so calmly yet finding every opportunity to share joy and kindness with others
TheHuman wrote: Very Good 🙂
mindyjourney wrote: You always journey with such kindness, dear Rajnibhai 💕 ✈️. Grateful you had helps and gave help as well :)
dotmatrix wrote: Good journeys. ♥.
patjos wrote: One of my kindness heroes Rajni!

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