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Dismay is Followed by Unexpected Connection

--by Butterkind, posted Apr 28, 2022
My daughter with her two friends drove to SFO for a hike. On returning to the parking lot after the hike they noticed to their dismay, that their car windows were broken. Shattered glass was strewn everywhere and their purses and iPad were stolen from the car.

The police weren’t very helpful even when given the device locations via Find My app.

That evening my daughter got a text from a lady on Facebook. 
She said she had found a purse and a backpack on the street with ID card and credit cards in it.

We were mulling over the intentions of this caller. She had called from Oakland. My daughter decided to call her the next day and learn more about her instead of doubting.

It tuned out that lady was an elementary school teacher and agreed to meet my daughter near a police station in Oakland. The office was closed but the kind teacher gave my daughter all the belongings she had found. This teacher was indeed practicing what she preaches!

What an example she set to go out of her way for an unknown stranger, to make the effort to connect and follow through.
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Readers Comments

pluto178 wrote: ….and thank you for not losing your faith in human kindness after the robbery x
Balou wrote: I am sorry your daughter and your friends had to go through this. But glad for the kindness she was shown by this teacher.
mindyjourney wrote: There are always gifts in our challenges. Grateful your daughter found kindness :)
heartofflesh wrote: bad things do happen.. there are some kindness from unexpected quarters...
Mish wrote: Firstly, so sorry they went through such a shock upon returning to their car! I hope they are feeling calm & at peace once again 🙏. Wonder why, if the police knew where the thief was, that they didn’t pursue them! Grateful kindness came into the unpleasant situation via the kind teacher. 🙏
petroskryf wrote: Kindness indeed still exists, thank you for sharing this. Much needed today.🦋🌸
butterkind wrote: I feel very grateful for this teacher who had the patience and willingness to try to find my daughter on Facebook and make efforts to even connect. She is such a blessing. She told my daughter and her friends how she and her sister were held at gun point and robbed in the past. It tells how she has turned her experience into such kindness whenever she gets an opportunity.

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