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Good Neighbors Who Touch The Heart

--by Mish, posted May 1, 2022
I always tell you how wonderful our neighbors are … of them just brought this birthday bundt cake over for my husband that she baked.  She came in singing happy birthday 🎶

She’s the one who very often brings over her home-made dinners to us on Fridays.

My husband was so touched by her kindness that he started to quietly cry.

❤️When he told her how amazingly kind she is she humbly replied “friendships are the most important things in life.”

I had something I had put aside to give her the next time she stopped by, so was able to give them to her as she was leaving 😊
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Karina Loy Limon wrote: Happy birthday! It’s my dad’s bday too! Twins. :)
Mama wrote: Mama always said. Never with your noise do you love your neighbor
kmbhai wrote: Wonderful gift. Happy Birthday Mr. Mish ..
petroskryf wrote: I agree with Pluto above! 🧡 Lovely neighbors, both of you.
DANCE wrote: How beautiful and kind!!!!
jose123united75 wrote: Lovely story that is inspiration for me, thank you for sharing, you have wonderful neighbors and you are awesome as well, God Bless you
lt33 wrote: Mish how wonderful please tell your hubby I wish him an amazing birthday full of surprises and happy times spend with family+ friends 😎🎂🎈
SissyLee wrote: Happy Birthday to Mr M!
butterkind wrote: Happy birthday Mr. Mish! Your have a kind neighborhood indeed!
mindyjourney wrote: So beautifully baked and given with such love! 🎂 ❤️

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