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Let Sleeping Friends Lie

--by jose123united75, posted May 2, 2022
Friday morning, spring time, nice whether, living in a tourist place, is a very busy day for those who work in a hotel. Three teenagers came to visit New York, and again in a very busy day of work there is no early check in available for anyone that comes before 12pm.

They were really tired and they just wanted to have a little rest and then go back around the city to visit some places and have a good time.
We would start having rooms after 12 pm, but the time
that they arrived was 9 am.There are couches in the lobby so they decided to wait until there's a room available, siting on the sofa and waiting for the room with their eyes opened. 

They ended up sleeping together on the sofa, like real friends with no secrets between them(or at least that's how I felt about them). I turned down the music, I didn't  vacuum in the lobby to avoid noise, and I let them sleep.
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Mish wrote: How kind & caring you are, Jose. Bless 🙏
butterkind wrote: How very sweet and caring act! I appreciate very much when someone cares for a person who is resting, by whispering or keeping noise down or dimming the lights.
pluto178 wrote: How lovely x
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your mindful quietness :)))
dotmatrix wrote: Very kind of you to allow them a much-needed rest. ♥.
Rajni wrote: You showed us very lovely kindness.It is greatly appreciated
petroskryf wrote: Very kind of you indeed. Bless you, Jose.💞
Balou wrote: Very considerate of you, thank you! I am sure they appreciated the quiet.

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