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Being Able to Help Brings Joy

--by Butterkind, posted May 3, 2022
Returning packages A friend of mine cannot drive anymore so she kindly requested me to return a few items to the UPS store, which she had purchased online. 

They were big boxes. My husband and I were happy to help her with that. It is a joyous opportunity for me to help her.

I feel glad that she texts me whenever she needs help and I appreciate how she openly asks for help and how she expresses her gratitude and blesses me always.
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ado wrote: You are very kind. Thank you for helping out your friend.
Mish wrote: How lovely that she is comfortable enough with you to be able to ask for your help. And how kind you are. Bless you both
pluto178 wrote: It feels good to be useful and its great for her too win win x
lt33 wrote: How nice of you I do know that if its an Amazon package your friend can place it on her porch and UPS will pick it up for free if that is offered for you or take it to Kohl's store they send it back free also 😁
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful you are able to do :). Thank you!
dotmatrix wrote: Very kind of you to be there for her. ♥.
Rajni wrote: A friend in need is a friend indeed.
DANCE wrote: Thank you for helping
petroskryf wrote: Such a kind thing to do. Thank you.💛💜
butterkind wrote: Thank you, It33. It was an Amazon package, so I could suggest that to her in the future. :)

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