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Airport Employee Kindness

--by cheeka, posted May 5, 2022
My daughter flew back to Los Angeles from a spring break. Her flight landed late evening from east coast. She decided to take a bus out of LAX so that shecould find an Uber faster and cheaper just outside the airport.

Turned out the bus was full of LAX employees and she was chatting with a few of them. They advised her that it is unsafe to be waiting in a street outside the LAX airport to catch Uber during late evening. 

One of the kind women in the bus literally gave a ride to my daughter all the way to her apartment, dropped her safely and did not accept a penny in return. My daughter was so thankful. 

It is the pinnacle of kindness as narrated by our daughter to us last week. 
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TheHuman wrote: Wow! It's Fantastic Kindness! Thanks for Sharing such a wonderful post!
Mish wrote: Total awesomeness!! Beautiful ❤️
ado wrote: Very nice of the lady and of you to post here
dotmatrix wrote: Very grateful for the kind "stranger's" help. ♥.
pluto178 wrote: How sad that we have to be unsafe but I am so glad she found help when she needed it. X
Rajni wrote: Nice people meet nice people. Your daughter got what she deserved by her good karma. Happy to know she reached her apartment safely.
mindyjourney wrote: Amazingly kind world! Grateful daughter was the recipient of 💕
DANCE wrote: Such kindness!
petroskryf wrote: Kindness with wings .... thanks for sharing. 💗
Helenconnell2 wrote: I am so glad someone cared for her.

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