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The Song of Joy in the Midst of Tiredness.

--by jose123united75, posted May 6, 2022
When I came to the USA I started to work as an electrician, with an Albanian man. We used to work a lot, and every day after work we had to do the cleaning (which was my dutty).

Sometimes the work was demolition, and the mess to be cleaned was a lot. I remember how much I hated to end up drenched in dust and with dust in my throat. He used to notice that even though I wouldn't complain nor say a word. He would always notice.

When I was cleaning, he would sing a song: "Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up" with a nice tone of voice to make me feel better. Plus that funny accent of his. That was just enough to go through the whole afternoon and a difficult day at work. After hearing him singing that I used to automatically start to sing with him.

That would give me the energy to keep working until I finished cleaning, and left the place neat.

Even now I remember the song and I use it for difficult times at work: when I clean: "clean up, clean up, everybody clean up" (for I changed my job and became a cleaner). When I fold: "folding, folding, everybody folding". When I have a lot to do but have to help someone else: "helping, helping, everybodyhelping".

It is a way to just accept the present time and understand that soon it'll be over,and as long as you are there working with people around you that somehow depend on your work, try to enjoy it and do your best.

I hope this act of kindness made by my boss(which I am still in touch with, by the way, we have wine or food sometimes, I tell him how I am doing and he listens), can reach you and you'll sing it to relax on a difficult day. He came here in USA as well and he knows what it feels like to be in my position, that's why he is so supportive.
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patjos wrote: Sharing, sharing, everybody sharing! Thanks for sharing your lovely story :)
Mish wrote: I love this, Jose. It’s a great way to transform the experience. Sounds like you were a good team together too.πŸ‘
cheeka wrote: Nice one, Jose!
petroskryf wrote: The song of joy can make a dull day brighter, indeed.πŸ¦‹
dotmatrix wrote: Yes, singing is a great accompaniment to chores. I used to sing with my dad all the time when we did dishes or laundry. β™₯.
fairykats wrote: This is a wonderful share, thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: Our lives are songs of joy and connection. Thank you 🎢
Balou wrote: Music and singing can be such a big help! Great you had this support and now can lighten up your mood with your own songs!
Margazhi wrote: While it sucks to see the dust lodge in, I truly appreciate the chore of cleaning, both body and mind.
Rajni wrote: Love what we do and always do our best leads us to success. WE are not bored and enjoy our work. You are doing very good job.

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