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Dollar Store Antics

--by lewski711, posted May 7, 2022

I accompanied my wife to a dollar store to get decor for a party in her class and I found this die that I thought would be good to have in the classroom this month.

When we checked out I rolled it and it came up, "Give a Compliment". So I told the young woman, "You look wonderful today," then changed it. "I have never seen you before, so you just plain look wonderful for any day."

She laughed and thanked me. When we collected our items I grabbed the die and some other items including a Butterfinger candy bar.

"So, you bought a candy bar, did you?" asked my wife.

"No, this isn't mine. I thought it was yours." It wasn't. So, we told the young woman she could enjoy it on her break. She smiled again.


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patjos wrote: Thats very cool, would love to come across one of these! Very you though! :)
Mish wrote: Makes me smile 😊
SissyLee wrote: Super cool! all of it!
dotmatrix wrote: Nice! What do the other five sides say? I love what you said to the young woman. Btw Lewski, I was inspired by you and this year on my 62nd birthday week, I began giving away 62 gifts. I wish I'd done this years ago. It's awesome. ♥.
GrandmaPolly wrote: Way to go!
TheHuman wrote: Wonderful!
butterkind wrote: Awesome! I think you are wonderful lewski711!! :)
fairykats wrote: Nice!
cheeka wrote: So you made the young woman smile twice ;) "Give a Compliment" is a wonderful kindness tool.
DANCE wrote: How lovely!

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