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Swapping the Rickshaw for Organic Walking

--by Rajni, posted May 9, 2022
While buying organic vegetables, I gave some quote cards and bookmarks to other shoppers. After buying the vegetables, I was walking towards home. One gentleman gave me a ride to the main street which I really appreciated. I got off his scooter and I gave him a bunch of quote cards and a booklet on positive thinking. I also told him a story about positive thinking and my experiences with it.

Further on down the road, I gave some donations to needy people including enough to one lady with two kids, to buy some groceries and slippers for her daughter.

I never save money walking in place of taking the rickshaw. Instead, I meet people who need help and give some donations. This is like organic walking to me.
I am thankful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for sending opportunities on my way and helping and guiding me. I am just His instrument in this regard.
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Tully wrote: Like "organic walking" and. a . Portalable stage to follow the walkers, marvelous m. Twang ;) brilliant
pluto178 wrote: Getting governments to look after their own people should be the true goal some of the money they spend in the air is pointless if its people are starving……x
Mish wrote: You always journey with kindness & help others on their journey. Bless 🙏
Helenconnell2 wrote: That is so wonderful - I walk most places unless they are too far, or I feel unwell! I love the way this means I meet people.
cheeka wrote: "Helping the poor and needy ones is the greatest asset one can achieve" - thanks for sharing the quote and teaching that in every opportunity you get. Take organic walking and help someone needy - brilliant.
drjoybug wrote: Wonderful
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for always giving with the heart of kindness, dear Rajnibhai 💕.
Balou wrote: Your generosity and kindness is wonderful, thank you, Rajni!

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