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We All Have Abundance To Share

--by cabbage, posted May 10, 2022
These are some of the things I shared recently:
Food - a banana to a homeless man on the side of the road; a roast chicken and potatoes to a hungry family at the farmer's market; an apple to a hungry kid who was pestering her mom for snacks at an event I attended; homemade food and sweets to two neighbors and treats to friends.
Seeds harvested from our garden with two different people.
Time and energy - for a student who needed to cry (on Friday); for volunteering all weekend.
Flowers for an elderly neighbor who is coming home from rehab!
Books - I bought a few copies of a book recently written by a friend and have gifted it to several people who will enjoy it.
An idea - for friend's birthday is tomorrow. Her young daughter helped me chalk up their sidewalk with birthday message/decorations/artwork while she is out.
Stealth kindness is the best!

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grintech web agency wrote: Thanks for the giving information
Tony wrote: Welcome grintech agency! Now is the time to call in the kindness dogs :)
Mish wrote: When it comes to sharing, you are a “rockstar”, dear cabbage ⭐️ ❤️
dotmatrix wrote: Wow. SO inspiring, Cabbage!!! ♥.
Helenconnell2 wrote: It certainly is!
Rajni wrote: Your sharing and caring is commendable. May others get inspired.
cheeka wrote: I second Mish's thought. You are a rock star in sharing kindness in a variety of ways. Very inspiring!
lewski711 wrote: I love that you are overflowing with kindness!
TheHuman wrote: Wonderful and Superb 🙂
pluto178 wrote: So lovely x

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